Lexi (On The Royal Watch)

Lexi is a 10 year old American Saddlebred who has competed in a variety of divisions from the pleasure horse division all the way to the five gaited division. She's been all over the country at everything from the smallest local show to the World's Championship and National Championship shows.

Lexi has taught all levels of riders from the first timers to the most experienced riders and is always willing to perform at a level perfectly suited for the rider. She is currently being leased by one of our riders, Katerina, who competes with her in the walk and trot pleasure division, but still shares Lexi with our lesson students! Lexi is also a sweetheart on the ground and loves the extra attention from riders.

WC A Silver Charm (Charm)

Charm is a 16 year old American Saddlebred who is new to the lesson horse life. He spent the last 13 years of his years as an incredibly competitive performance show horse in a variety of divisions. He has won many times at the World’s Championship Horse Show and is well known throughout the industry. We are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to retire this great show horse from the performance division and begin his career as an academy show horse for lesson riders. Charm’s ears are famous for appearing to touch when he puts them forward (which is all the time), although when you’re riding him you can see they actually cross over! Charm is a big sweetheart in the stall and actually loves to give kisses whenever he has a chance.

Out Nightly (Boo)

Boo is a six year old gelding who has been with us since he was just two years old! He has a beautiful, long neck and is tall enough to look over his stall to watch lessons in the indoor ring. He was started in training with another trainer, but most of what he knows he has learned right here at Blue Moon Stables. He teaches intermediate and advanced riders, and shows in performance and academy.


Stella is another of our academy show horses and a 9 year old American Saddlebred. She is always ready to go on and get to work and looks good doing it! She is an intermediate to advanced lesson horse who can teach a rider a whole lot. She has a beautiful, thick, long mane that is so long we have to keep it braided up or your hands will get tangled up in it while riding! She is a very big horse, the second tallest in the barn, which makes her great for our taller riders.

The Silver Storm (Grayson)

Grayson is a 17 year old American Saddlebred owned by our wonderful instructor, Alex. He joined us at Blue Moon Stables in May and Alex immediately fell in love, and has been working with Grayson to help turn him into the superstar lesson horse he is becoming! Prior to Alex showing him in August, Grayson had never been shown under saddle but was second out of 66 six-month-olds in an in-hand class. Since then he received limited under saddle training, so he is still learning a lot. He is currently used for our advanced riders, but we hope to have him teaching beginners and intermediate riders in no time!

Speak Out (Honey)

Honey is a 4 year old American Saddlebred who is one of our newer additions. She was rescued going through a livestock auction in Tennessee and has come a long way since we got her! She is still learning, like Grayson, so she only teaches advanced lessons at this time. She is a sweetheart on the ground though and eager to please - just doesn't always know what we want!


Cash is a very sweet and mannerly horse of an unknown breed and believed to be 9 years old. We are just celebrating his 1 year anniversary with us and boy has he come a long way! He was purchased at an auction based on seeing about 30 seconds of him being ridden,  and had a lot to learn when he got home. He is a quick learner though and now teaches more lessons than any of the other horses. He is great for those just learning to trot because he has a very smooth and consistent trot, making it easy for a rider to feel secure while learning. For this reason he primarily teaches beginners and is great for challenges such as riding with no hands.


Tito is another miniature horse on the farm owned by our assistant manager and trainer, Casey. Tito has been ridden some and even driven once but is best at jumping and being painted by kids at camps. Both he and Chief are also often used in obstacle races during camp weeks. Tito gets lots of love and attention from both Casey and the kids at the barn.

Look Out World (Lady)

Lady is a five year old American Saddlebred owned by Sue, who owns another horse out at the farm who she has now retired. Sue rides Lady hunt seat, which Lady enjoys, but she teaches primarily Saddleseat. She is very easy going and does well with riders beginner through advanced, but is still learning how to canter so only our most advanced riders canter on her.


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